Thursday, May 10, 2012


New comment on A riverside view Blog

ariversideview commented on The Authors at Ipswich Spy.

in response to Peter Turtill:

I do not accept your claim that my original post about Redsell was removed because of your fear of the libel laws. [COMMENT EDITED BY RSV]

Peter, the first comment I removed contained libelous accusations against your electoral opponants. As it was not only libelous but could also have been in breach of electoral law I removed it and forwarded it by Email to the people you were libeling in case they wanted to take legal action against you. If you persist with this, your comments here are likely to end up in the spam tray. Write what you like on your blog, just don't write it here. I hope you are out of politics now as you claim to be because libeling the dead as you have just done on your blog is the lowest of the low.

What a plonker:-) He can send my posts anywhere he wants and lets see who wants to face me in court. Electorial Law my backside. Libel a dead man? Don't be so silly. Stick to writing your silly blog Kevin as that seems to have overtaxed your ability. This fool deleted a post by me about a paedo and then later posted a link to my blog claiming some credit. He is one of those who likes to hide stuff from the public.

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